What is this?

This is a free on-screen keyboard that allows you to type and copy any text to the clipboard.

Why do I need it?

If you are on a computer that you do not trust, you may want to use an on-screen keyboard. On-screen keyboards allow you to type sensitive information like passwords without a keylogger recording what you type. Windows operating systems comes with an on-screen keyboard build in (if you are running Windows, press the windows key, type 'on-screen keyboard', then ENTER). However, if you do not have an on-screen keyboard application or you do not trust the one that is installed on your system you can use a secure web-based solution.

Is this safe?

Well... its safer. If you are on an untrusted machine someone could manipulate this webpage. Someone could potentially insert malicious javascript that would steal the sensitive information that you type into this on-screen keyboard. However, this webpage is intetionally very simple. You can easily inspect this pages source code and javascript to check that there is nothing nefarious going on.

Are you storing what I type?

No. Look for yourself (view js here). Nothing is sent to the server. We could not record what you type if we wanted to.

Why do I need Javascript Enabled?

Javascript is required for the keyboard to work properly. We encourage our users to inspect our javascript themselves before enabling JS.


Comments or questions? I can be reached at: contact@alanreed.org